Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday's Saying...A Moment Together In Our Garden...

.         .         .                 .          .       .       .
         .          .     until          .       .           .
       .       .          further         .   .
.    .    .      .       notice            .      .     .
         .      .         celebrate              .     .
.        .      .         every          .     .            .
  .          .            thing!              .
         .                      .                             .

I am so grateful to be alive. This week has
not been easy, but it is Saturday and I can
take a much needed moment to reflect on all that has gone on. 
just breathe
just pray
just be grateful

Last night, before dinner, Bert and I sat in
our old, much-loved swing in the back yard, 
lulled by the rocking motion.
back and forth
back and forth
it soothed my weary soul. 

We watched the eagles way up high in the sky,
circling on their way to a more isolated destination.

We gazed at the stone path Bert had built 
to two old, beat up chairs in our garden, 
a masterpiece of simplicity.
a place to unwind for
two old friends
two old lovers.

We saw new growth on an old plant Bert just wouldn't give up on.
He's like that, you know.
He never gives up on struggling plants 
He never gives up on struggling people.

We talked about good news 
My friend Vicky Westra's brain scan..
Never has the word "stable" meant so much to me.

We whispered prayers of Thanksgiving
we are still here to see His glory
His creation
His miracles.

We heard giggling next door
Children on their play set.
Music to our ears
Wistful memories of days gone by 
Our own babes when they were young.

We held hands, 
His dirty from hard work in the garden.
Mine tight from a challenging day.
just us
right there
in our garden.

Quietly celebrating everything that God created.
All of the small gifts that often go unnoticed.
my breathing calmed
my heart felt peaceful
at last...I was home.

This song captures what our time was like-
Have a wonderful weekend!
God Bless!
Love, Linda


Vicky said...

I feel the peace pouring through your words. I happened to go back even further and see your last post and am just dumbfounded- so saddened to read and truly not knowing what to say. I can see why this time spent in the garden was ripe with thanksgiving, tranquility and grace.

Much love to you friend- thinking of you! Thank you for celebrating stable with me!

Peggy Sue said...

Oh I missed this post...that is one of my favorite songs..I play it and my family stares at me!!!...what a beautiful time..preciouse wonderful beautiful moments!!! much love to you and your Bert :)

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