Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Please pray...

" I have been driven many times upon my the overwhelming conviction I had
nowhere else to go."         
                                   -Abraham Lincoln

This post will be short as I am shortly headed off to an
Awards Banquet at the college where I teach. It is finals week and graduation is this Friday.

Yet tonight my heart is heavy and I wanted to ask any of you who believe in the power of prayer to please pray.
I believe that God hears our cries and I am asking Him to please hold and be near to two people who are hurting so badly.

The first is a student at our college who has considered taking their life. I won't use their name, but God knows who they are. They are in a huge amount of pain and feel hopeless and helpless. Please pray that they will see all of the outstretched arms of help that are right in front of them. Please pray that God would give them a deep sense of hope and they would take the help being offered.

Second, my dear friend and soul sis, Vicky Westra, got some horrible test results regarding her cancer. She is one of the most amazing, gracious, grateful and grace-filled people and must now undergo some very aggressive chemotherapy. Please pray that God gives her the strength to do this. She knows that living well beats cancer and that cancer cannot steal her joy. Please pray that she has time...days and weeks and months and years... with her beloved husband Rick and her two precious sons Nolan and Colton. Please pray for hope and peace of mind as she starts this next part of her journey.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

More later.
God Bless!
Love, Linda


Vicky said...

Your words are simply the best medicine for me. Between what you leave on my blog and you pour out here, you are such a gift. From my deeply humbled heart, I love you, Linda~

Peggy Sue said...

I agree with what Vicky just said.... your words and love just pours out and it takes one's breath away.... Love you Linda! (P.s Please Add a Todd to your prayers list...he is struggling with scared. Not himself right now...I am reaching out..trying..but from afar)

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