Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Gratitude, A Wedding And Making Memories...

It may all seem chaotic today
the going to and fro 
the busy schedules that just don't quit. 

Yet remember these days. 

I promise that some day you will look back and truly miss them.

I have no idea, and I mean no idea, how we pulled off this last weekend. I am an organizing fiend and can take on huge projects, make a game plan and get it accomplished. Yet at first glance the agenda for this weekend looked almost impossible to pull off.

Yet we did it! (she said with a huge smile on her face.)

Our sweet granddaughter, Emily, was getting married in Tacoma. There was no way we could not be there for her special day. However getting the airplane tickets, the rental car set up, the hotel set up and the logistics of meshing our schedule with that of the wedding party...well on paper it looked pretty daunting.

Add to that that we would be taking two precious granddaughters from Spokane with us. 


Add to that that packing all his necessities to go anywhere is a challenge for my beloved husband.

Double yikes.

Add to that that I took a significant spill the morning we were leaving and landed on my knees that have had multiple surgeries.

Add to that my schedule at the end of the school year.

Add to that that God is in charge and He can pull off miracles when I can't...

And you have a recipe for so much fun and frolic and tears and joy.

The morning of the wedding Bert and I had coffee
in the hotel breakfast area. Our granddaughters were still sleeping in a room that was attached to ours by a door.

The gist of our conversation was that it is always easier to say no and just stay at home. Especially as we get older, traveling takes a bit more out of us.

Yet we both agreed wholeheartedly that memories are made from times like these.

We would always remember and reminisce about Emily's wedding.

We would always picture the bride in her amazing wedding gown on the arm of our son and having her father-daughter dance with her daddy.

We would always remember the getting ready for the wedding process with our Spokane granddaughters.
Neither of them had ever been to a wedding and their excitement was contagious.

We would always remember the look on Emily's face when we saw her for the first time and her words, "Oh, it makes me so happy that you came!"

Somehow, all of the chaos and schedules and planning and expense faded away in that moment.
This was so much more than just a trip.

This was a memory-making moment.

And there in lies the life-lesson. Even though it is easier to not live a wholehearted life that involves travel and change and busy freeways and driving new cars and getting plane tickets...

I never  want to forget that making memories that last a life time is worth all of the hard work and chaos of the moment.

Our beautiful granddaughter got married. And we were there to help send her off. For that I am filled with a deep sense of joy and gratitude.

God bless!



Peggy Sue said...

Loved this! to tired to write more..but always always...your truths and 'truths' shine through....you got to be there!!! love and hugs Linda!

Vicky said...

Me too- love, love! Other than the little bit about the fall- oh dear- that was hard to read, but I pray you are doing okay now. I pray you are resting now, and smiling at the memories you made! Love you dear friend- all the way to the moon and back :)

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