Sunday, November 27, 2016

Time To S.M.I.L.E. :) :)



This Thanksgiving break has been a balm to my soul
and a time to: 
          Breathe and celebrate life. 
          Gather together to share loves, and laughs and smiles. 
          Slow down and feel God's presence.
          Hold hands and listen to their stories.
          Just have fun!

I have been smiling non-stop for days and days.

How could you not smile as you look at these precious faces?
They light up my life, and I am so grateful to be included in theirs!
These are just a few of our "dearies," our dear loved ones

When I think about each of them, I smile.
When I have time with them, I smile.

I hope just seeing them puts a smile on your face too!
God Bless!


Jackie said...

Beautiful family!
Love seeing these precious photos of you.
Thank you for sharing them.
Hugs from me to you, Linda....

Vicky said...

Oh how I love when you share photos here, along with your precious words! Look at those beautiful, and yes, smiling faces! I've longed to come and sit and feast my eyes on all that nourishes and uplifts me like you do. And you have! I even have to giggle at the sight of those sparkling cider bottles- we couldn't do Thanksgiving without a couple either- Grandpa made sure the boys had some. So filled with thanks for you, and to the above Miss Jackie too- so glad your paths have crossed. Love you sweet one!

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