Friday, March 31, 2017

Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart...

"Do you want to change your life?"
she asked.
   "Then start each day with a grateful heart!"

    Annora Grace, truly a gift from God, on her 11 month birthday! Isn't she precious!!

Each morning I have a simple ritual. I get up, make coffee, wrap myself in a quilt by the fire, and take out Jesus Calling,
my journal and prayer list. I take a deep breath, focus on God's love and then start my day by writing down three things that I am grateful  for.

They don't have to be big things, little things will be just as powerful.

Remembering to be grateful changes my life every day. 

As I look at my prayer list this morning, I see some names
that have been on there for a long time. I keep praying because
I love these dear folks so much and because God has asked me to pray!

I believe with all my heart that prayer is powerful and that God hears each prayer we pray. 

I look at that list and also see hearts drawn next to each prayer request that I can see God's clear answer to. It gives me such hope to know that God hears and answers.

Some answers are not what I had hoped for, but I cannot know God's greater plan. I trust in Him and know He loves us even if the answers are hard to understand.

Who is on my prayer list? Well, one special sweetie has been on there from even before she was born. Both Bert and I commit to pray for her every day of her life. Her name is Annora Grace.

When you see the pictures of sweet Annora Grace, my beloved Grandbaby, at the start of this post...well, you are seeing the answer to so, so many of our prayers and the prayers of many faithful friends and family.

When I see Annora's smiling face and hear her amazing little voice saying Mama or Boppa or just brings me to tears.

When I see these precious pictures of her on March 23rd, her 11 month birthday, I am filled with such gratitude and praise.
Thank you dear Lord that she is thriving!!

Kissy, as we love to call her, is so wonderful and amazing. She brings such love and life into our lives. She is a reminder every single day that God answers prayers. When I just think of her
each morning in my early prayer time, my heart warms and gratitude floods my soul.

I am not only grateful to God for Annora Grace and all of the prayers God answered, I am grateful beyond words to many of you who prayed for Annora.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your 
prayers then and now for this sweet baby girl.

Special love and thanks to my dear, forever friend, Jackie,
who is a prayer warrior extraordinaire. Thank you
so much for praying for Annora and her Mama, Amy.
You hold such a special place in my heart!

Other dear friends like Vicky and Peggy and Sharon, prayed
and prayed for Annora as well. Thank you for being
so faithful and caring toward this sweet baby girl!!

Knowing that you were and are praying for her gives us all so much HOPE. Your faithfulness and continued prayers mean the world to all of us who adore this sweet baby! 

Annora Grace will always be on my prayer list and I thank God
for answering our prayers for this darling little one.

God Bless!
Love, Linda

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Saturday night....
Precious beyond words, my sweet friend.
Look at her smile! Everything about her says, "Awwww. Look at this precious gift from the Lord."
Happy 11 months old to you, Annora Grace (aka Kissy.)
You are loved and were loved before you were born....and prayed over and prayed for. God has something very very special for you to accomplish during your lifetime.
Linda...I know that you smother this little one with kisses. How can you not! I smile. Yep. Smiling real big as I'm typing this.
Sending lots of love to you and to all of your precious family.
Love you, my friend and my Sister in Christ. Yes, I do!

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