Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Greatest Kindness...

                                   One of my very favorite sayings is... 
                            "Sprinkle kindness like confetti."

When you are truly the recipient of an amazing act of kindness, it restores your hope and it enlarges your heart.

The pictures above are of two people who hold the keys to my heart. They are the kindest people I know, the most giving and the most unselfish. They are Mama and daughter...Amy and Jenna. They both love fully with their whole heart and they both love Jesus and live for Him.

When my beloved Bert had a TIA stroke a year and a half ago, 
his whole world changed. While we were so grateful to God that Bert was still here, Bert retired from being a counselor and felt it wasn't safe to drive. 

So he was at home a great deal, recovering his strength. During that time, Annora Grace was born and Amy and Jenna's beloved dog, Daisy, came to our house so the family could become adjusted to the new baby.

Sometimes new babies and doggies need to get to know each other in small doses, so the decision was made to have Daisy visit us...for a small while.

And then it happened...Daisy and Bert (affectionately called Boppa) became buddies. They took walks together, took naps together and Daisy became Bert's special companion.

Daisy brought a huge smile to Boppa's face, just as sweet pets often do. That sweet little pooch filled a hole that no one else could fill and Bert was so attached to her.

And then the time came for Daisy to go home and the unthinkable happened. 

Amy and Jenna decided that as much as they loved and adored Daisy, they loved Boppa more. So Daisy, all these months later, is still at our house. She is still Bert's buddy and every day she puts a smile on his face.

When I think about how truly unselfish that act of kindness is, giving your special puppy to someone else you love so he can be happy, well... it just brings me to tears.

I'm not surprised that Jenna has a heart of gold, after all her Mama does too. I know that God must smile when He sees acts of kindness like this and it warms my heart every day to see Bert with Daisy.

I couldn't love Amy and Jenna more!

God Bless!
Love, Linda


Jackie said...

Oh....what a wonderful daughter and Granddaughters you have!
Thank you to them for sharing the love of their fur baby with Bert. I'm so glad that Daisy brought an extra spark of love to your Hubby. I know that Bert is more than thankful that your daughter and Grand were selfless as they shared this love with Daddy and Granddaddy.
I pray that Bert continues to get better each day.
You daughter and Grand are "twins." They are so beautiful!
I see and feel the smile from their hearts. I know that smile comes from the Lord.
Love you, Linda.

Vicky said...

I know I read this sweet post before, through some pretty foggy eyes. Finally my head is clear enough to leave a few coherent words! Isn't it insightful to discover sometimes when we think we are helping someone or giving something to someone- its not necessarily about them- its about us, and we didn't even know it. How I love when this happens! I often wonder how many times in my life I've missed the true reason something has happened the way that it did. I think so many mysteries will be revealed someday- sometimes I can hardly wait to see! Love seeing these pictures- the girls are simply beautiful!

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