Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Words Are Powerful...

             You can do ALL things through
                Christ who strengthens you.
                                             Philippians 4:13

I won't lie or try to sugar-coat yesterday. It was just plain awful and scary. It seemed on every level that the things I thought I knew and understood, things I counted on...well, some of them just collapsed before my eyes. 

At every turn, at school and at home, there was an incredible sense of dis-ease. It felt almost like I couldn't quite get my footing, and I was praying non-stop.

So, as I always do, I read my Jesus Calling book and here's the gist of what it said...

"Let Me help you through this day. The challenges you face 
are far too great for you to handle alone. You are keenly aware of your helplessness in the scheme of events you face..."

I just chuckled to myself as I read this. 

Helpless...That's for sure! 
That just about nailed it!

As much as I tried to put a positive "spin" on what was going on, and it just kept compounding as the day progressed, I was left with two powerful phrases...

     * Put your trust in Him and

     * You can do ALL things through Christ who
        strengthens you.      

What I know for sure is that God is not helpless. He has a plan that I cannot know or understand. He is there in the midst of this hard time. He cared and grieved with me as the walls came tumbling down. He will not leave us in the midst of the mess, but help us to navigate through this.

I could not change the course of these events, but He could.

So this morning, when I woke up and had my prayer time, 
I asked Him to guide us today as all of this unfolds. 

I asked Him to help Bert, Amy and sweet Annora Grace to get well.

I asked Him to reduce the baby's fever. 
I asked Him to help me forgive the person who broke my trust. 

I asked Him to give me the strength to face today.

I don't know how it will all turn out yet, but I do know that 
He hears my prayers. 
I do know that in Christ ALL things are possible.

So today I am focusing on choosing JOY and GRATITUDE in the midst of fear. Words are powerful and remembering 
that I can get through anything with His strength, not my own,
gives me a sense of inner hope and peace.

Could I humbly ask a favor... could you please pray for my family? Thank you!

May you know His love and peace in all of the tough situations 
that come your way.

Sending you loves and hugs and prayers!

God Bless!
Love, Linda


Jackie said...

I am praying for you and for your family, my dear friend.
I pray for healing for them. I pray that the fever will leave that precious baby girl and that your family's health will be restored. I know that it is hard to watch those you love suffer with an illness....and especially a little one.
God, be with all of Linda's family. Take this sickness from them, I pray.
I feel the hurt that you feel as you have written this blog. And, I know that you draw strength from the promise the Lord has made to us regarding all things.
My prayer is that God will grant peace in the situation regarding the one who broke your trust. You know that I'm praying with you concerning this. We continue to pray. We won't give up. Ever.
I love you, my friend....

Jackie said...

6:10 PM EST (Wednesday)
I came back to let you know again that I have been praying for your family all day.
I will continue to do that.
I send you a hug as you get off from work this afternoon.
Feel them always....

Jackie said...

Wednesday, March 11
It's the weekend, my friend.
The temperatures here are absolutely wonderful.
Time for some "dirt" therapy....I love to plant and watch things grow. It's that time of the year.
Sending you another hug....and much love.

Jackie said...

Oooops....Make that Saturday, March 11.
(The older I get, the faster the days get away from me! )

GrammaGrits said...

Just read this and am praying for you!

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