Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Amazing Accomplishment- World Championship Ironman!

As I run up and down a few stairs...as I walk a few blocks and break a sweat...I am more impressed than ever by the dedication, tenacity, HARD work, and self-discipline Rog puts into training for an Ironman competion!

Let's see...swim 1.4 miles...ride a bike 112 miles...and then run a marathon! Are you kidding me?
This is an unbelievable human feat! I stand in awe and amazement!

This past weekend, Rog, once again, did the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. That's right...WORLD championships! And he has been there more than once.

I wasn't there in person, but I was literally glued to my computer much of Saturday, getting data from Amy, watching Ironmanlive.com and calling Jessi with information. When the Ironmanlive.com website went "down" I couldn't believe it! I even called the number on the website saying, "Excuse me...do you know this isn't working and people ALL OVER THE WORLD are trying to find out about athletes they love!"

Not only was Rog doing this race, but he had an awesome cheer squad of family and friends supporting him! His two biggest supporters are Jessi and Emma...and they go to the ends of the earth to be there during those races.

Often times during the day, while I was at the computer, I thought of Rog, Ben, and Jeff, (Ben and Jeff are two other TriFusion athletes in this race), Tim (with his maps and cameras), Kevin and Kathi being supportive, Kris, Anna, and Grandma Phyllis, Madison, and especially Eileen and Rog Sr. I was SO delighted that they could see their son in person at this amazing event!

So...here's to you Rog! As I walked my 15 blocks this morning I thought of you!

God Bless! Love Linda


The Farrell Family said...

As Roger was racing I thought... I can't imagine exercising my hardest for 10 hours straight. It is amazing! Great job Rog!

Anonymous said...

Great job Uncle Roger!!!!!! It doesn't surprise em a bit that you made the IRON MAN CHAMPIONSHIPS! You rock!


Mommymeepa said...


You have such an amazing family and I love reading about them.

Great job Roger. Keep up the great work and inspiring all of us.


jessithompson said...

I love you, Mom. Thanks for all of your updates and phone calls. We could definitely feel your love and support across the ocean! XOXO

kathibest said...

Wish you had been there to share the experience with us.

Your updates were very invaluable to our day and our support efforts.

I could see the meaningfulness of them all over Jessi, inside and out that day as you called them all in one at a time, consistently, informatively, timely and passionately.

You were Amazing remote support!


kathibest said...


Having a Menopause night! (smile)

Love you

LORIE said...


We all have our vicarious Ironman Races. . . . Congrats to Roger and Congrats to you!


Roger Thompson said...


Thanks for the post. It sure was a great day. But even better to share it with so many family and friends no matter where they were... Spokane, Hawaii, New York... where ever. Thanks for all of your support.

It doesn't matter if you walk 5 blocks or do and Ironman. It's about challenges and setting goals to better yourself and learn about yourself. It's through these challenges that we find out who we really are and really can be. The choices we make today mold us into who we will become tomorrow.

Congrats to you in making forward progress in WW. It's a battle that I have not had to face, but like Ironman is for you, I cannot imagine what it's like. But I know it's tough and I am proud of you for working so hard at it. I can really see it, or not see it... however that goes :)

Thanks again.

ps. the swim is 2.4 miles. Not that it's a huge deal, but Kathi earned every foot of that swim this year :)

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