Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SMALL BLESSINGS...Enjoying Them All!

Life is full of BIG and small moments! The big moments seem monumental in that they create lasting memories...when we get married, when we have a baby, when we go on the trip of a life time! Sometimes we yearn for the BIG moments as they have have such a splash effect. Yet those moments are often few and far between.

We miss out on much of life if we are waiting and yearning for them. We may even miss the small moments, the small blessings! Those blessings surround us every day! They are right in front of us. There is no drum roll about them, no trumpets blow, but if we open our eyes we can see them! If we open our heart we can feel them! These small blessings, when added together, remind us of God's goodness and God's grace!

Here are a few of my small blessings from yesterday:

1) Early in the morning I made my daily trip to Safeway. I found just the right plant to celebrate the birthday of a friend who runs our copy center at SCC! There it was. It almost said, "Linda, get me! Diane will love this!" And she did!

2) Also in my visit to Safeway I was headed down the frozen food aisle. I was looking for Lean Cuisine frozen lunches. Suddenly I looked to the right and saw the coffee cakes and desserts! I COULD NOT believe my eyes! I let out a yelp (and one employee came running to see if I was OK). Now I know you may not get the magnitude of this...but one reader of this blog will. the Sara Lee section...was the Butter -Struesel Coffee Cake...our old family, Christmas morning, traditional coffee cake that my Mom used to make every Christmas morning! I had adopted this tradition as well. This yummy, never-to-be-forgotten morsel of heaven got discontinued last year...much to my great seeing a 45 year tradition end. BUT IT HAS NOT ENDED...IT IS BACK!!! I had even written Sara Lee and told them the story of our coffee cake. I have no idea if that mattered, but I am buying every one of them and storing them!!
What a made my day!

3) Ryan went up to our place at Diamond Lake and mowed the lawn for us! In the process he discovered that the hot tub had been fixed by the Pool World folks and that the "bridge/doc" built by a neighbor did NOT obstruct our water use! Praise God! Thanks for all of your help Ryan! You are a life saver! Love You!

4) I had some time with Amy and Jenna yesterday! :) Amy made me a Weight Watcher friendly lunch after school, and I got to see Jenna's AWESOME smile! It heals my heart to be around both Amy and Jenna! Thanks for lunch and your love, you two!

5) I came home to look at the mail and found that I had TWO cards from Jessi, sent before she left for Hawaii! One I opened and one I am to save until my weight watcher weigh in tomorrow :) Jessi was so busy before her trip, so it means so much that she took the time to support me! Thanks sweetie! I love you!

6) My Granddaughter Kayla was on my blog yesterday! Her comments, and love for the Lord, always inspire me! Thanks Sis! You rock! Love you so much!

7) My new zippy, brown jacket, that I wore to school, was a little too loose! :) I was reminded all day that my hard work at getting healthy is paying off!

6) Yesterday morning I found an old photograph of my Dad with me when I was 5 months old!
It brought back a flood of happy memories and blessed my heart!

These are just a FEW of the small blessings that graced my life yesterday! When I open my mind and heart...these blessings flood in. They overtake tiredness, they crush discouragement,
they diminsh sadness, and they remind me that LIFE IS GREAT!

Thank you God for every small (and large) blessing! God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good! May YOU be surrounded by large and small blessings today...and see them all!

God Bless you! Love and Hugs to all who read this! Linda


jessithompson said...

You are deserving of all of these blessings! XOXO I love you!

The Farrell Family said...

It was great to see you yesterday. It always lifts my spirits when I spend time with you! I love you!

jessithompson said...

Did I mention how excited I am about the coffee cake? WHAT GREAT NEWS! :)

Anonymous said...

It's really great that you're coffee cake tradition can continue! : ) It's so great that you Jenna and Amy have such great bonds! I have one with you too! Daddy is soooo great isn't he? What in the world would I do with his love, intelligence, good attitude and all of his other traits that I could just go on and on about! (The same thing about anyone else! : )).


Anonymous said...

papa is the bist and kk and jenna

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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