Thursday, October 25, 2007

THURSDAY THIRTEEN: Thirteen Of My Favorite Quotes

I LOVE one liners...quotes that make you think... quotes that say it all in such a concise fashion that you just have to smile! I have quotes in my journal, quotes on my refrigerator, and I use a "quote of the week" in all of my classes!

Here are just a few (13) of my favorite quotes:

Cinderella is proof that the right pair of shoes can change everything!

Courage is fear that has said its prayers!

Happiness is not in having what you want,
it's in wanting what you have!

I have been driven many times upon my knees
by the overwhelming conviction that I had
nowhere else to go.

Sorrow looks back, Worry looks around,
Faith looks up.

Dance Yourself Silly!

A Daddy is a man who has pictures
where his wallet used to be.

Wise men still seek Him!

It wasn't me.
It's not my fault.
I would like to speak to my Nana.

What happens at Nana's house...
Stays at Nana's house!

When things get rough..
Call 1-800- Nana!

Home is where your story begins.

You are not helpless, you are not, lost...
And you don't have the right to give up on yourself!

Have a great Thursday...full of joy, fun, sharing, and delight!

God Bless! Love and hugs to all who read this! Linda


The Farrell Family said...

Thanks for sharing these great quotes. I especially like the Nana ones!

Love, me

Anonymous said...

Those are some great quotes! A couple of mine are, (I got these out of a devotion book so they're kind of made up but I like them)

No horse gets anywhere until it is hrnessed.

When you give God your all, you have put yourself ina position to recieve his all.

The world wants your best but God wants your all.


Mommymeepa said...

Confucious say, "A Journey of a million miles begins with one step."

Let go and let God!!

As far as racing goes I like the one that says, "It's not about the time, it's about the journey."

Don't think things are impossible think to yourself I'm possible.

Just a few of my favorites.

Congrats on the continued weight loss. Great job!!

kathibest said...

Another thing you and I have in common..........

I love quotes as well........

I love inspiring ones.......

I love thought provoking ones.....

I love them all........

And I love that in your life, you share them .........

I have been blessed and have grown because of quotes you have passionately shared........

Love you........

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