Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weight Watcher Weigh In- Turning Fat To Muscle !!!

I had a great week on Weight Watchers. While it's never easy, I stayed within my acceptable point range each day and drank water like crazy.

I also added something new to the equation...LOTS of exercise.
I exercised every day, ran up and down stairs (at home and SCC), lifted weights, did my Richard Simmons aeorobics tape before my classes, and walked every day.

Now for some folks, this might not seem like a BIG deal. However I haven't had this much exercise in YEARS!

I look better and feel better than I have in a long, long time and the exercise helped me to be extra calm during several moments of stress! An extra bonus!

When I went to weigh in today (expecting to lose weight) I gained 1.4 pounds. I was in shock...but my Weight Watcher leader was not. When she heard about my exercise routine the past week she smiled and said,

"This often happens when you first start to REALLY exercise. You are turning fat to muscle!!
Wait until next'll see a dip!"

Other veterans in our group echoed her sentiments. So...
I am uplifted because I am exercising like there is no tomorrow, and I am turning that nasty fat into muscle!! Since I DID the program, this result is very different then if I had fudged my way along. I actually thought (although only momentarily) I could get to like exercise like I am learning to like water ( I am drinking 6-8 large containers of H20 with Crystal Light each day)!

Stay tuned next week to see the "DIP"!

Thanks to Amy, Jacob, and Jenna for being at today's meeting (after their field trip), thanks to Jessi for the awesome cards (I LOVED the musical one), and thanks to all of my students for your support! You ROCK!

God Bless! Love and hugs to all who read this! Love, Linda


Anonymous said...

I bet all this exercise is making your muscles nearly rock hard! I don't drink even half as much water as you do but I'll use you as a role model and start drinking lots more water!


The Farrell Family said...

You can do it! We love you!

jessithompson said...

Way to go, Mom! We're proud of you! XOXO

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