Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sun, Water and Flip Flops...

           Life is better in flip flops...

Linda's Journal Entry: July 13, 2015

"I love the beach. I love water and sand and sunshine and family together. I love the sense of endless days and sun-drenched skin and playing Pictionary with teams yelling loudly and cheering for their side.

I love playing Clue and losing to grandchildren who grin from ear to ear. Was it really Miss Scarlet with the knife in the Conservatory?

I love watching old movies and going to the Roxie Theatre and seeing Jurassic World together. I love grabbing my grandson Jacob's arm as I shriek in terror at the dinosaurs.  

I love going to the grocery store in Newport and giving the older grandchildren their own cart to fill up with goodies they would love to snack on.

I love the casual clothing and not even asking if the little ones have brushed their teeth. I love staying up late and reading book after book. I love making teams equipped with water pistols and staging  the best water fight ever.

I love all things summer.

Most of all... I love a summer rich in family time, rich in making lasting memories."

I'm sitting back at home this morning reading my journal from our summer family vacation. I'm sipping on coffee. It's just after 6am, and I am still here at home. What a luxury. On a regular school day, during the regular school year, I would have been up at 3:30am.

Reflecting back on our ten day sojourn to Diamond Lake, the huge rental home we were all in, the jet ski we rented, the casual living and floating and singing and laughing...well it reminds me how much I have always loved summer.

For years we owned a home at Diamond Lake

so this lake brings back so many fond memories of years gone by. However having two homes became too much, we sold our Diamond Lake spot and now have found a great alternative. 

We saw the fireworks on the fourth, we relaxed and ate together, holding hands as we said grace. We told old stories and made memories for new ones. We wore casual clothes and bathing suits and flip flops became our dress code.

We saw sunsets and sunrises and saw the Lord God's majesty everywhere we looked. And guess what? The pace of life slowed so that His gifts were visible and in focus. Unlike times back in Spokane where rushing and rushing made God's world a bit blurry and indistinguishable.

We relaxed and hugged and talked and shared.

It was the best family time ever.

I love the quotation that says:

                     Every summer has a story.

This summer's story is all about connection, genuine connection. This summer's story is all about l0ve and joy and FUN and time together. 
Real quality time together. 

This time together is a tradition, something we all anticipate with glee all year long. We already have our reservations for the same dates in 2016. :)

It just doesn't get any better that that! 

I hope your summer has also been graced with time to breathe and let joy abound!

God Bless!

Love Linda


Peggy Sue said...

Oh linda, I loved that you shared your summer story. I am afraid mine has been nothing like that. Not even close...but it will be someday someday! so loved this, I could feel it and enjoy it through you!
love you big sis :)

Miss Myia said...

I have such great memories of times at Diamond you and miss you...Myia

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