Friday, July 17, 2015

Walking Through Sorrow and Watching Hope Grow...

                         God answers
              when you least expect it.

I have a prayer list. I have kept one for as long as I can remember. Years and years and years. I look at it every morning, after first getting a cup of coffee.
I gather my Jesus Calling book, look at the message for today and then start at the top.

What may be a bit unique about my prayer list is that I also write down when prayers are answered.

It's a reminder to me that when I am walking through sorrow, and you are walking through sorrow, that God is here. He is listening. There is a reason to hope and keep praying.

My prayers aren't fancy with a lot of thees or thous.

I think it's great that some folks pray like that. That's their style.

My style is more like, "Hey, God. Good morning. Thanks for waking me up again. I have some worries I want to share and people who need miracles. Please, please, please give them hope. They need you." I also say thanks for all He is doing in my life. Thanks for His love. Thanks for being there and loving me, just as I am.

Lately I have been praying 24/7 for certain people.

I have asked you to pray as well.

So here are just a few of the answered prayers and

people who still need you to keep praying:

1) My daughter Amy was hit by a car when she was training for a marathon. She was thrown into a ditch and by the grace of God wasn't killed or paralyzed. However she sustained a horrible neck injury and there is only one procedure that helps. Her insurance company originally wouldn't fund the procedure. Yesterday Amy got word that they approved her having this procedure. Praise God! Answered prayer.

2) Amy's daughter, Glory Sihin was adopted from Ethiopia four years ago. Sihin is an answer to prayer. We just found out that her biological Mom in Ethiopia may have ovarian cancer. Amy and Sihin are planning a trip to Ethiopia in the very near future. Please pray for Sihin's mom's health and for Sihin's peace of mind.

3) My dear friend Vicky Westra is fighting for her life with large and awful doses of chemo. Please, please keep praying for more days and weeks and months and years for this amazing Mom, wife, friend and inspiration. Pray for her immune system to be restored! Vicky is living each day with gratitude and hope. Please hope and BELIEVE right along with her and all of us who are her prayer warriors. 

4) My friend Peggy needs your prayers. Please pray that her business would thrive and that she would have a place to stay that feels like home. Peggy is so amazing and loving and she loves and trusts God.

She is one of the most courageous people I know.
She is an overcomer, and really listens to what God is asking of her. Please pray for her strength and deep sense of God's presence.

So, how about you? Please feel free to leave a prayer request as a comment on this blog for you or anyone you care about. 

No matter where you live...

Australia, China, Russia, Romania, Sweden, India, Switzerland, United Kingdom,Canada, Germany, France, Portugal, Taiwan, or the United States... or wherever you are from...your prayer requests here are welcomed and cherished.

Here's what I believe about sorrow, hope and prayer:

*I believe that we often have to walk through sorrow and pain to watch hope grow.

*I believe that God hears our prayers and that prayer is powerful. I believe that He is with us through every trial.

* I believe that God answers when we least expect it.

May God bless you and keep you. May He hold you in the palm of His almighty hand.

God Bless!

Love, Linda 


Vicky said...

I'm teary-eyed reading your real and genuine heart set open wide here for us. I'm ever so grateful for those prayers- they have carried me through so much. I have one more request to add to your list: The Kvalvog family- Ray and Cathie. Their two sons, their only children, were tragically killed in a car accident on the way to a basketball camp. Their 18 year old was driving, and the 14 year old was a passenger. Two other boys were critically injured. They were an outstanding family and we're all just reeling.

I am so happy to hear that your daughter's procedure was approved!! That is such a relief! Now we will pray for Sihin's mother. And you friend, and our Peggy, are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Love you, friend.

Miss Myia said...

Always praying for Seppa-Salisbury families....and please pray for Chuck and myself....I so love and miss you! Myia

Peggy Sue said...

Oh my, first I have to respond to what Vicky wrote! My heart is aching for this family! approx. 3 years ago a couple in Utah lost there 17yr old daughter and 13yr old son. The daughter was driving. it also was there only children. many prayers for them.

Linda, THANK YOU for you! you amaze me with your love and Grace for all. I am wondering what is going on...its so strange. Usually when this happens I know something to do..I am at a loss right now. clueless. I give freely with the little I have...and give everything this is all very strange... I ask also for prayers for a old friend. In his depression he went on a bender...was down to 100lbs...hospitalized but has some brain damage..don't know if he will re-cop of please keep T McIntosh in prayers as well. Love you beautiful sweet lady!

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