Saturday, July 25, 2015

What a week...finding gratitude in the midst of it all...

                           A MOMENT
                       OF GRATITUDE
                             MAKES A
                              IN YOUR
                                    - Bruce Wilkinson

It all started when I purchased a luscious and
fragrant basil plant at "Trader Joe's", my absolutely  favorite grocery store of all time.

It's almost like when our grocery cart turned the corner, the plant looked at me, called my name, and said, "Take me home. You'll be glad you did."

And I am. Glad, that is.

I put it in one of my favorite containers, and it sits on the corner of our long, gorgeous, thick wooden kitchen counter...comfy chairs pulled up to eat there so you can chat with the chef while she is cooking dinner:)

And every time, and I do mean every time, you circle the corner of that counter, you get a gentle "whiff"...the slightest scent of basil permeating your brain.

I've started to stop at that corner, bury my face in the basil plant, and just take it all in.

Immediately...I feel grateful.

I look down at the pot that is holding the basil plant so proudly, and on the front I  see the words I wrote in chalkboard calligraphy...

All Shall Be Well!

And those words make me smile. They remind me of my friend, Vicky.

And most importantly, they remind me that God is in charge. Not me. Thank goodness! I know that. I trust that. I believe that.

No matter what happens, when I trust God... 
                           All shall be well!

If you read my post, the one before this one, you know that this was a really, really hard week for me. A "I got shaken to the core" kind of week. 

We all have those. All of us do. It feels a bit like being in an earthquake... with after-shocks following.

And if I'm honest, when I think back about the betrayal that happened, I still feel sick to my stomach.

However, after lots of prayer and tears and processing with Bert... 

I am choosing gratitude instead of fear.

I am choosing gratitude instead of anger.

I am choosing joy, and trust and gratitude in the midst of betrayal.

That wonderful and pungent and aromatic basil plant reminds me of God's grace. 

It reminds me that His mercy is new every morning. 

It reminds me that in the midst of hard, really hard... God is there!

Not some place else. Right there. In the midst of the pain and hurt... 

He is there with me. 

He is there with you.

Yesterday's July 24th message in "Jesus Calling"
again brought home the importance of thankfulness and gratitude. It said:

"Thankfulness opens the door to My presence. Though I am always with
you, I have gone to great measures to preserve your freedom of choice.
I have placed a door between you and Me, and I have empowered you to
open or close that door. There are many ways to open it, but a grateful attitude
is one of the most effective."

Amen!! And I am more grateful for that knowledge than I can ever say!

God Bless!

Much love,


Peggy Sue said...

I did see your post before this one. In fact I came back to write and then saw this one :) at the time, my lap top was not allowing me to type. The keys get sticky and refuse to go. I have no clue why... these two post go hand in hand. What I know is I can relate. Everytime my x says something so hurtful, I am shocked..and yet it has always been. I wonder why I am shocked? and I realize I just done think the way he does. and like you I pray for him. But there are moments when working through the shock and pain is a bit of a process. Even tho logic say's let go... it plain hurts! I am so glad that pain has eased up and all is looking up. When your tender hearted, things hurt. But that tender heart touches many lives. never forget that Linda. love you so!!!

Jackie said...

Here to let you know that as I've read your blog, I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for you and for your witness to those who you positively influence with your faith and strength in the promises of our Lord. May God continue to bless you with His goodness and His Grace.

Vicky said...

I'm so touched to see not only, Peggy, but Miss Jackie too! I think your choices are so admirable. I also think, that not only do YOU win, in this, but so does HE. I always try to say I won't let cancer steal my joy. I pray you also can hold firm that you won't let a person, steal your joy either! So keep choosing- keep believing, keep emptying, to fill again with life, and love and hope for brighter tomorrows.

I love you so~

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