Friday, July 03, 2015

Taking a breath...

I believe that if you truly understand
the importance of relaxation, you will make time for it in your schedule.
                                                        -Gudjon Bergman, Yes! You Can Manage Stress

The school year is over. It's a wrap! I haven't even taken the time to let that sink in yet. 

We have been in a bit of overdrive (she says trying not to laugh out loud) and we have been trying to catch up on so many things. While I can chuckle about how life works and how crazy busy it all is, I realize that relaxation and fun and down time won't just materialize on it's own. 

No, life isn't balanced for me at our house. If I want some balance I have to be intentional about getting it.

I have to choose down time, ease off the accelerator, unplug and schedule in fun. So that's what I am going to do for about ten days.

I don't know how many red flags God has to send my way before I get the
message. I've been to this place before and dad gum it I still haven't learned the lesson. 

Slow learner on some big stuff. Some very big stuff.

During the last few weeks of school I caught a bug that has persisted for over a month. Finally I got into my doctor who gave me one more exasperated look and said, after glancing at my chart, "Again, Linda?"

I have been on antibiotics, an inhaler, cough medicine and some other not so yummy items...for over a month. And then she took a chest X-ray and found a "slightly collapsed lung."

And all of this just before finals week.

So I barely limped through finishing the quarter, the year, final exams, grades going in, packing up my office so it can get painted and graduation. The last day for me at the college, for this year, was Monday, June 22nd.

Truthfully, I just felt kind of numb.

And then I came home, got the medicine and have been accomplishing a few things every day and mostly taking naps and trying to get well. This is the first summer that I have not been consulting or in school taking classes for over 34 years. 

I am taking the summer off from work. There, I said it.

Yet the schedule, even without my typical work schedule, seems to fill up. 
So...I am scheduling a ten day hiatus. A real break. A sit down and read a book, break. A sit in the garden and have iced tea, break. A catch up with myself, break.

A much needed break.

I'll be back online in about ten days. Until then...I'll be taking a breath and relaxing! I can almost hear God smile! 

I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers. And speaking of prayers, please hold Amy (my daughter) in your prayers as there still is no resolve with her health care system. (see previous post, Confused With a Side of Anger). 
Thank you for praying. That means the world to me.

I am so grateful for your love, care, support, thoughts and prayers!

God Bless!
Love, Linda


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Vicky said...

I sense more "peace," in your words. I'm praying, sweet friend- resting and praying- and I won't stop. I hope that you can fill- with health, and breath, and restoration. I pray you can recharge and redirect your energy to your health. Be well, sweet friend! Know I am thinking of you and if we don't see you for awhile, rest assured, we know you are ok! Love, love, love you!

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