Thursday, September 27, 2007

BRAVERY RIBBONS- Kudos to Emma and Kayla

Growing up one of the favorite sayings in my home was "Feel the fear...and do it anyway!"
In essence my Dad was teaching me that life is full of risks and changes that make us feel fearful. When we try something new, or go back to something challenging, there will often be moments of panic and fear. Our self talk may become something like..."Why did I think this was a good idea?"..."What if I fail?"..."What if this doesn't work out like I thought it would?"

If the goal is one that I really want to shoot for ...I was taught to say to myself "Feel the fear...and do it anyway!"

Feeling the fear may mean buckets and buckets of tears. It may mean finding support from others, it may mean getting afraid, backing out, starting all over again, or approaching the goal with tiny, fearful steps. It truly takes great courage to deal with your worst fears and tackle life head on.

It helps to know that you are not alone, that others love you and support you. It helps me to know that I'm NEVER really alone! God is always there, holding me up when I feel afraid!

You can feel afraid if you are 4, 10,or 60. And my two role models this week for "feeling the fear and doing it anyway" are my granddaughters Emma and Kayla!

Let's start with the youngest "Fear Fighter"! Emma has had a tough few weeks transitioning from summer to pre-school, ballet, and daycare. She is used to Mommy and Daddy being there 24/7. She misses everyone. This normally self-confident little dynamo has hit a hard spot, as we all do. She has been filled with fear. Tears have flowed, and she has had a heart-breaking time adjusting. She has cried endlessly and so has Jessi. Rog and Jessi have brainstormed constantly about how to support her. We have been praying for her strength as have so many others. Even a group of older "Grandma-type" seniors at my church (one is 99 :)) have been praying. As Mother Eardman told me last Saturday "Of course I will put that sweet darling in my prayers! You watch. God will lift her up!" You gotta love that resolve and she is 99!

On Tuesday Emma decided to try ballet again. The beginning was very rocky. Yet Jessi had put "bravery ribbons" in her hair to remind her that she was brave and she could do this!

When I heard about the "Bravery ribbons" I started to cry. I missed my Mom. I wanted her to be in my life right now and make bravery ribbons for me. I wanted to immediately start a company that marketed bravery ribbons. Bravery Ribbons are a visual reminder that you have the courage and strength inside you to do what you need and want to do!

Emma felt the fear at ballet, and if you look at Jessi's blog you'll see that she at first took very tiny steps. And then, boosted by love, support, care, concern and prayers from all over...she joined the ballet class again!! Praise God!

Emma called me Tuesday night with the usual lift and strength in her voice. She said, "Nana, I DID IT! I didn't cry. I had a great day at ballet!" Now understand, in all the enthusiasm, it came out very fast and a bit hard for me to catch all of it. But what I heard her say clearly was "I so ESCITED!" That's how we feel when we face our fears! What a great role model for all of us! Way to go Emma!

My second "Fear Fighter" role model is my ten year old granddaughter Kayla! Kayla is absolutely amazing, beautiful inside and out. If you asked ten people in our family they would describe her as loving, kind, compassionate, a great friend, a hard worker, someone who always does her best, and a lover of Jesus! I LOVE to talk to Kayla and we have N and K time together (Nana and Kayla Time!) We talk about the Lord, about books we are reading, about how to get along with difficult people, about life!)

Kayla has been through lots of HUGE changes in the past few years. A few of these include having her family go through a divorce, re-marriages of both parents, new siblings and family added to her life, new homes to live in, new schools to go to, and new friends to make. Most adults I know would whine endlessly about having to go through this. Yet Kayla tackles change with God by her side. She feels the fear and does it anyway. She does change graciously and gratefully!

This year brought new changes as well. After a great time, and being well known at her old grade school, she started 5th grade at a new school, Woodridge Elementary. She is making new friends and wants to be involved in student government. So what is she doing...she is running for school secretary! Oh my awesome and brave is that!!

She won the Primary in her class and now is campaigning at the school. She is telling everyone... I am new here, I want to do this, and I could do it well!!! I am SO PROUD of her!
Instead of focusing on being new, and expecting that to be a negative, she is being brave and going for her goals! She is looking fear in the face and saying "Get out! You won't stop me!!"

She deserves bravery ribbons, just like Emma! Way to go Sis!

So if today you are feeling fear, if you are wanting to hide or run away, if fear is getting the better of you... think of these two brave young women!! Take a few small steps toward your goals knowing that sometimes just making the effort when you are scared deserves a trophy!

Today I have a weight watcher weigh in. This morning I'm making myself some bravery ribbons! I'll be the one at the meeting dressed in style, wearing ribbons and carrying the love of two amazing granddaughters in my heart!

Have a great day! "Feel the fear and do it anyway!"...and while you are at it...make yourself some bravery ribbons!
God Bless! Love, Linda


The Farrell Family said...

I agree... these gals are great! I love how they push through the fear and uncertainty. They want to have fun and try new things. That's amazing!

Love, me

LORIE said...

Nice tribute to these brave girls!

Anonymous said...

Wow Emma is such a brave little girl! Going from parents 24 hours and 7 days a week attention to half of that! I don't know how she does it. Thank you for putting me on your blog! I also love talking about those subjects with you too during our N and K time! Thank you for the bravery ribbon! It really makes me feel good that you think of me as a role model at times! I think of you that way too!


jessithompson said...

I love you. Thank you for your listening ear as I have processed this tough time with you. I am grateful to have that love and support from you.

Thank you for your prayers, phone calls and emails... all encouraging us and lifting Emma up for strength and courage.

I know your bravery ribbons came in handy today... you are amazing to stick up for your students and their learning.

Also, amazing job this last week. I am glad that the scale rewarded all of your hard work! You inspire me! XOXO

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