Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Precious Ballerina- Dedicated to Jessi

Oh beautiful twir-r-rling girl,
Swishing costumes,
Leaping high.

Hands in "pedition"
Listening carefully,
Boundless energy, harnessed only for a moment.

Precious ballerina,
Do you know you have stolen my heart?

I look at you, your deep knowing eyes,
Your graceful movement,
Your beaming smile.

I catch you looking at me.
Did my Nana ever dance?

Darling, twir-r-rling bundle of delight,
I remember the "peditions" too.

Not so long ago.
In Margaret Tappings School of the Dance,
I found my wings.

I learned to twir-r-rl and soar.
And one day I took flight.
You will too.

But for now, precious ballerina...
Twir-r-rl by me.

You with your mommy's eyes
You with that inner sparkle.

There is no wand big enough
No crown sparkly enough
To compete with the dazzle of your love.

Precious ballerina
Twir-r-rling girl
Keep dancing!

I love you Jess Jess! I love you Emma! Your Momma and Nana


LORIE said...

Linda. Linda. Linda. You amaze me.

jessithompson said...

I love this poem... it's late now, but I am dying to read it to Emma. I especially love the line about no wand big enough, no crown sparkly enough... so true. Thank you for this special gift of your time, energy, and creativity.

XOXO We love you!

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