Wednesday, September 12, 2007


There really aren't words to describe the gift Bert is to my life! He is an angel, sent from God, to mend my heart and bring me 25 years of happiness and delight! Today is his 73rd birthday!

Here are just a few of the things I LOVE about Bert:

1) I love your humble and unselfish spirit...your joy in helping others to shine!

2) I love your heart and how deeply you care for those around you!

3) I love that in 25 years you have kept ALL of your wedding vows. I have felt honored and cherished every day of those 25 years!

4) I love that you embraced and embrace Amy and Jessi as your own daughters!

5) I love your creative spirit..that named and helped to develop Windsurfing!

6) I love that you are an amazing counselor and have helped so many people!

7) I love that you always go to church with me, even at the churches over the years that were not your favorite!

8) I love that you cry easily and are not ashamed of your tears!

9) I love that you stick up for me and feel incensed toward anyone who would try to hurt me.

10) I love that you loved me enough to get sober and stay sober!

11) I love that you write letters, even when you have dyslexia.

12) I love your crazy sense of humor that allows you to make endless "tooting" noises in the car with Jacob.

13) I love that you have helped extended family members get help and counseling.

14) I love that every day you walk my car down the driveway, throw me a kiss, and say "Praise the Lord!".

15) I love that you tell me the hard truth because you love me.

16) I love that you loved my Dad and found great things about him.

17) I love that you think I'm cute and sexy!

18) I love that even though you have a very difficult chronic illness and have been through a tough NEVER complained!

19) I love that you are always pointing out the simple beauties in life to me...Like a deep red sunset or gorgeous flower!
and so many more...!
You are SO wonderful and the LOVE of my life! Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Your Nans


The Farrell Family said...

WE LOVE YOU BOPPA!!!!! We hope that you have an amazing birthday! You are such an important person in our lives!

Ryan, Amy, Zac, Kayla, Jacob and Jenna

LORIE said...

Happy Birthday Bert. You sound like a treasure!

jessithompson said...

Happy Birthday - we love you!

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