Saturday, September 15, 2007

MAKING PROFOUND CHANGES- Internally and Externally

This summer was one of the best times of my life! I was SO appreciative of being able to walk and get around, compared to the previous summer when I was in a cast, that the daily theme became one of deep and sustained GRATITUDE!

Small gifts, by some people's standards, became monumental to me. Here are just a few of those gifts that started a chain of profound internal and external growth:

1) I was grateful to be able to wear "real" shoes.
2) I was grateful to be able to walk a block.
3) I was grateful to be able to push Emma and her stroller at Ironman.
4) I was grateful to be able to walk in the sand at Cannon Beach! (no I could feel the sand between my toes) :)
5) I was grateful to get to go swimming.
6) I was grateful to go off the diving board at the lake with Jacob.
7) I was grateful to go in the inner tube behind the boat and scream my lungs out.
8) I was able to go through airport security without having my cast checked.
9) I was grateful to be able to get "in" my garden and plant my plants (steep incline).
10) I was grateful for a better back, one that was not impacted by walking with a cast.
11) I was able to hold and rock Jenna, and walk her around, without being in pain.
and the list goes on.

Here are a few of my INTERNAL changes:
As I became more grateful, more aware of all the blessings I take for granted, a profound change began to happen. After all, I have been healthy and active MY WHOLE LIFE!!!

I never knew what an incredible blessing that was until my movement was contained and limited. I have rarely been sick! I have lived my whole life in an all-out go for it mode of operation! Bring it on has been my motto!
I know and live with people who have health problems daily, who live with chronic pain. The blessing of shattering my ankle was that suddenly I had some idea of what they were going through.

When my health was renewed, and that really happened this summer, I was given a gift. A second chance at making some profound changes! I am so thankful to God for my renewed health and vitality!

I am reading an amazing book, a mind-bender called 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself- Change Your Life Forever. It is written by Steve Chandler.and was recommended to me by one of my life-mentors. The thoughts and exercises in this book are not simple, often heard cliches. Each one can change your thinking and doing! They deal with your most profound inner fears and the paths of self-doubt and self-sabatage that have been etched into the memory paths of our brains. His "Get On Your Deathbed" Exercise has changed my life! I am currently on #44 of ways to motivate yourself!

So I am making internal changes through reading this book, having a support system, and prayer! My new motto is...if not NOW...when?? The time for change is NOW! I am sixty and don't have time to spare! I want to appreciate and be grateful for everything and have my choices and life celebrate that gratitude!

Here are a few of the External changes:

1) I love interior design and in the last two weeks I have re-designed my sunroom, living room, dining room, and outdoor room!
2) I re-designed my front porch and planted mums in all my planters and in the area leading into our driveway!
3) I have joined Weight Watchers and changed my eating habits. In two weeks I have lost 8.2 pounds!
4) I have stepped up my exercise program to 16 blocks, five times a week!
5) I have completely cleaned out my classroom and brought in art, sayings, lamps, table cloths and re-done the bulletin boards in there! School hasn't started but I have spent ten hours there in the last two days.
6) I re-did the bulletin boards outside my office!
7) Today I am planting the fall planters on my back deck.
8) I have cleaned out my car, with Bert's help, a long hated task that I always want to avoid.
9) I got my oil changed and my new tabs ahead of schedule.
10) I am working on forgiveness and really letting go...of old attitudes and hurts!
11) I am blogging more and reaching out more to those I care about.
12) I am being more honest and authentic.
13) I am praying more and reading my Bible more.

I am cleaning house, literally. I am cleaning out old junk, in my places of living and working and in my mind and heart.

Amazingly, I have done these tasks GRATEFULLY, not begrudgingly. I am MORE energized and happy after doing them! Anne Lammott says, in Traveling Mercies, that simple tasks, done in gratitude, are a form of prayer!

I am so GRATEFUL for life, for each day! As I sing my praise songs at the top of my lungs in the car, I know that it is a new "season" for me. God has given me a second chance and I am embracing it with open arms!

Thanks to all of you for your care and support! It makes a difference!

God Bless! Love, Linda


jessithompson said...

Not sure if you can see it too... but you're glowing. It looks amazing on you!

The Farrell Family said...

It's great to see you so happy. I know that when we're making conscious choices to better ourselves we feel better from the inside out. I love you so much!!!!

LORIE said...

Being able to recognize our weakness and our growth is all part of learning about our journey. I think it displays your character that you are able to find gratitude in your journey. Good for you for being a life learner!!

Tiffany said...

Wow! How inspiring! Way to go on all of the positive things you are doing for yourself! Congrats on your latest weigh in too! You are amazing!

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