Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Remember Your First Day of Kindergarten- Dedicated to Amy

It doesn't seem so long ago,
In fact, only yesterday.
The image is etched in my mind and heart.

You seemed so tiny, yet no longer the sweet blonde baby I had held and cherished.
Now you were old enough to help pick out your dress,
tell me how you wanted your hair, and pick out what you would have for lunch.

Those tiny hands, once so little that they fit inside mine
Could hold a pencil and write your own name.

How precious time had flown.
Did you know, my darling sweet daughter
That you etched your name into my heart.

No sweeter word than Mommy.
That morning you called it as always.
Now you said...
"Mommy... I am all ready to go to school!"

Your sister, your protector, was already a school veteran.
She knew the ropes.
She rode the bus and it would not do for me to drive you.
You said, your hand on your hip, "Mommy, I am not a baby!"

Yes, my sweet Amy, I know that.
But my heart isn't so sure.

I watched you both get on the giant yellow school beast.
I sat in my car, trying not to whail the whail of all mothers who let their children go...
one inch at a time.

You are so small.
You are so precious.
Your beautiful blonde hair shining in the sun.

Who will be there to wipe away your tears if you fall down?
Who will wipe away mine?

I see your small face come to the back window of the bus.
Your sister's shadow right behind you.
You wave as if all is OK.

But my hands and feet have a life of their own.
My car pulls out, following that small smile all the way to school.
And then you are gone, inside, out of sight.

Kindergarten has started.

I can barely drive home.
My eyes are flooded with tears.
I am so proud of how brave you are.

And this morning, you send your precious Jacob to kindergarten.
A new milestone, a full day of school.
Life comes full circle.

You will see his small focused face... disappear into that school house.
A final wave, a kiss a little longer than usual.
And you'll hold a little tighter to Jenna
As you touch her small hand.

I love you sweetie! I'm thinking about you this morning!
You and Jacob are in my prayers! God Bless! Your Momma


LORIE said...

Linda. Linda. Linda. This post touched me because your love for Amy. I miss having a mom but you give me that "mom" feeling when I read your blog. Your daughters are truly blessed.

jessithompson said...

WOW... these words are really special. Lorie is so right, we are so blessed!

Kim Ellis said...

....can't talk....tears flowing

You have such love for your children and grandchildren - you are a blessing to those in your life.

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